What to Look for in a Gym Treadmill ?


How do you know what treadmill to buy if you plan on using it in your gym? There are quite a few things to consider, so we’ve come up with this list of the top five must-have features when looking at treadmills. We’ll go over each one, as well as its pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision about the best treadmill for commercial use in your fitness center or gym.


What type of motor you need in a gym treadmill?

Induction AC Motor is the best motor type for gym usage , so if you are planning to buy treadmill do go for induction ac motor only don’t choose dc motor for gym usage as brush dc motor’s cannot run for more time as they produce more heat & friction while operating . The maximum power output of an AC motor is directly proportional to its frequency, and vice versa. In other words, higher frequency = higher power output. This makes sense because at a given frequency, there will be more cycles per second (and thus more torque) than at lower frequencies. So why use an induction motor? Simply put, it’s more efficient. An induction motor uses less energy to generate greater torque compared with a standard brushed DC motor—which means it produces less heat and requires less maintenance. 


How much Running surface is required in treadmill?

Running surface is an important parameter which should be considered when you are going to buy treadmill. Running surface will be described as total length x width of running deck. Just check whether your planned space is sufficient or not? If it doesn’t you have to think about getting another treadmill with suitable surface size. I recommend that minimum running area should be 19 x 52 inches and 21 x 54 inches is best size for commercial use


Treadmill with heavy duty weight bearing capacity & low maintenance

Running board is the main part which decide how much capacity treadmill can bear , if the material of the running board is heavy than it can easily bear upto 150kg , Good treadmill for gym should have at least 200kg weight bearing capacity because in gym there can be a person with weight 80kg or 150kg so if somebody is running on treadmill than due to running impact weight increases and if he has heavy weight then also treadmill can handle that.

One more thing which should be considered is lubrication system, every moving part needs lubrication otherwise it will damage and maintenance cost will increase, so good treadmill should have automatic lubrication system.


Type of belt required in a gym treadmill

A type of PVC-coated rubber belt mixed with urethane will be a good option for the gym. This is because it is durable and can handle heavy weight bearing capacity. The best treadmill for commercial use should have come with AC Motor, it should handle heavy weight bearing capacity, wide running area, easy automatic lubrication system for good durability and cushioning should be good.


How comfortable do you want to be?

A cushioned running deck is very important in any treadmill because, when a person runs on hard surfaces, there is greater pressure on the joints. So when running on a cushioned surface, there is less pressure on the joints.

The cushioning in treadmills provided through two ways:
(1) Hydraulic

(2) Springback

The more expensive treadmills have both Hydraulic and Springback combined cushioning. There are also high-end treadmills that use fluid to provide cushioning. The best way to avoid joint pain caused by exercise is by using a treadmill with good cushioning .

You should not feel any pressure points on your joints while exercising on it.

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