Different Strategies to Train on the Sketra Treadmills

Features that keep you motivated to run (or walk).

The Sketra Treadmills special characteristics are made to improve your performance and give you more stride confidence. We have you covered whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just taking a stroll on the Tread. For your upcoming workout, check out these features, some of which are new and some of which are upgraded.


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Constantly follow your goals

This brand-new addition to the mode function gives you complete control over your training. Set time, distance, and output constraints to help you achieve your objectives without the need of any class or trainer.


Auto Inclination 

With confidence, rise to the challenge. Your Tread will automatically change when you request a steeper inclination in your challenge so you can experience the natural, rolling hill sensation. You may choose to switch this on or off this function, but doing so enables you to enter the zone even further.


Integration with Pre Program

Although this isn’t a new function, we are aware of how you passionate runners operate. You enjoy every new Challenge! With no additional effort on your side, this connection makes sure that your workout should precisely synchronised to higher level account exactly like your outdoor runs.


Category Boundaries

Your running intervals are now shown on the screen along with time, Inclination, calories you burn and steps you covered in your total workout. In your exercise programme, you can also update them according to your more precise or hard training, which can help you monitor your progress more clearly.



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