Treadmill for Home


Treadmill for Home

If you want to take your fitness efforts to the next level, the best way is to invest in a good quality treadmill. The next step is to look at the various options available. And that’s when you realize that buying a treadmill for home is not as easy as you imagined.

The range of options in treadmill models will overwhelm you. This guide will help you cut through the clutter and locate the best treadmill for your home.

When planning a treadmill purchase online, here are some key features you must focus on to get the best value for money:


Motor Power

The motor is by far the most crucial component of the treadmill. A good quality treadmill for home comes with a brushless induction DC motor. You can exercise on the treadmill for long hours; thanks to its powerful and sturdy motor.

Did you know, that a brushless DC motor offers many advantages over a brushed motor? Here’s a brief look at what it offers:

  • Enhanced efficiency as the motor offers increased torque per watt of power
  • Low maintenance results in increased reliability
  • You can run for a long time without a break
  • Mechanical noise is very low
  • Improved durability due to the absence of brush erosion

Most treadmill for home brands in India does not provide accurate information about the HP of the motor used in the treadmill. In fact, nearly all of them manipulate the details to entice customers. That’s why you must be extra careful while investing in a treadmill for home.



Cushions are directly associated with extra comfort. The same principle works for treadmills. Good quality cushioning provides an enhanced walking or jogging experience that is easier on the joints. Cushions absorb a good part of the impact your joints experience when walking or jogging on the treadmill. A treadmill for home with extra cushioning offers the added protection needed to keep your joints in good shape.



The intensity of your workout can be increased while on an incline. Walking or running on a treadmill with an incline is a great way to work out. Your body will have to work harder and burn more calories than performing the same workout routine on a flat surface. Jogging on a treadmill with auto inclination will take you closer to your fitness goals. It is a simple way of burning more calories and building stronger muscle during treadmill-workout sessions.


Bluetooth mobile connectivity

What has a treadmill got to do with Bluetooth technology? The best treadmill for home comes equipped with mobile Bluetooth connectivity. When you switch on the app on your smartphone while using the treadmill, the Bluetooth will transmit to the app a string of vital statistics such as speed, distance covered, time is taken, heartbeat rate, incline level, etc.


In-built stabilizer

This is an important feature to look for, especially if you live in a place where the power supply is not very stable. Frequent power disruptions and fluctuations can damage sensitive parts of the treadmill and burn a hole in your pocket. That’s why it is essential to buy a treadmill for home with an inbuilt voltage surge protector for enjoying a stress-free workout experience.


Final Words

If you don’t want to spend time researching the best treadmill for home, cut short your efforts. Buy Sketra Home Run Treadmill.

Sketra is the most reputed and trusted name in treadmills in India. It has all the features mentioned above and many more. The 3.5 HP brushless motor allows you to run the treadmill continuously for up to two hours. The machine offers extra protection for your joints and knees because of its excellent cushioning.

Sketra Home Run Treadmill is a hot favorite of fitness enthusiasts. The technologically advanced exercise machine is Bluetooth-enabled. You can access workout stats quickly on the LCD backlit display and adjust the speed easily with the swipe control button. Sketra is a low-maintenance treadmill, thanks to silicon-based lubrication!

All Sketra products, including the treadmill for the gym, offer a one-year warranty on all parts and varying motor warranty depending on the model.

If you want to invest in the best treadmill for home, don’t look beyond Sketra. It is unbeatable!

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