Sketra Standard Run Treadmill with inbuilt surge protector

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32,999.00 29,999.00 Inc GST

  • Surge Protector – Workout on treadmill for long hours without worrying about voltage fluctuation , Sketra Standard Run comes with inbuilt surge protector which protects the treadmill from unwanted voltage fluctuations
  • Best Motor for Longer use – Equipped with advanced heat dissipation system fitted with windings & magnets of the standard run motor makes standard run to be used for longer hours
  • Durable Running Belt – Comes with 2 Ply belt with advanced PVC Rubber Coating on the top layer , Bottom layer of the belt is coated with mixture of polyester .
  • High Bearing strength – Big Roller’s & high performance running deck makes standard run to bear 130 kg weight for walking & 110 KG For Running ( Impact weight is already reduced from the final running weight )
  • Shock Absorption System – Air cushioned 6 shock absorbers placed under the running deck & Spring back system helps to reduce the impact of the running on joints
  • Easy Assist Folding – Hydraulic Folding makes folding more easier , To fold the treadmill lift from the light side of the treadmill , To un fold tap it & it will safely un fold automatically

Sketra Standard Run Treadmill
Sketra Standard Run Treadmill with inbuilt surge protector

32,999.00 29,999.00 Inc GST