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Treadmill in Delhi

If you are looking to purchase a treadmill in Delhi, you can buy one from the website. Sketra provides quick delivery and quick onsite support services in Delhi NCR.

Why buy from the Sketra website instead of local showrooms in Delhi?

Built in Quality – Sketra equips treadmills with the most durable parts, providing longer lifespans as mentioned below.

Motor for Home Use Treadmills – While most other brands in the market use Carbon Brush DC Motors in their treadmills, Sketra uses expensive Brushless DC Motors in their treadmills.

Advantages of Brushless DC Motor Over Brush DC Motors

  1. Longer Lifespan – A Brushless DC Motor, as the name implies, does not have carbon brushes inside the motor. Most of the wear and tear in a motor occurs in brushes. Therefore, durability is significantly better in a brushless DC motor.
  2. Longer Continuous Running Time – A Brushless DC Motor generates less heat and friction, allowing it to run continuously for a longer period compared to a brush DC motor.

Comfortable Running ExperienceCushioning is the most important factor when choosing which treadmill to buy. All Sketra treadmill models come with an effective cushioning system that reduces impact pressure while running or walking on the treadmill.

Best Treadmill for Home Use in Delhi for a Family of 3-5 Members.

Smart Run TreadmillDesigned for compact spaces, as it can be fully folded after usage, and users also have the option to store it under the bed.

Best for – Family usage, smaller spaces, office usage as a workstation, etc.

Sketra Smart Run Treadmill

Pro Run TreadmillThe Pro Run with a brushless DC motor is designed for professional runners looking to train at home. It is a foldable treadmill with a running area of 54×21 inches. The rotatable buzzer provided in this treadmill makes operating it very easy.

Best for – Professional runners, marathon training at home, taller persons.

Sketra Pro Run Treadmill

Home Run Treadmill – A budget treadmill for home use, equipped with a brushless DC motor that can run continuously for up to 2 hours. The padded foam cushioning in this treadmill enhances the running experience by reducing pressure and impact while running.

Best for – Moderate-height users, small families of 1-3 persons, walking, jogging.

How much time does it take to provide service in Delhi/NCR

Demand for Fitness Equipment Products like Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Home Gym Stations etc are very high in Delhi-NCR Region. Due to which Sketra provides Quick Service for complete Delhi-NCR Area

Wear & Tear – If there is any issue that does not require any parts to be changed in the product, the issue will fall under the wear & tear category, and it takes a maximum of 3 days to resolve issues in this category.

Malfunctioning Parts – If parts need to be changed in the product, the issue will fall under this category, and it takes a maximum of 15 days to resolve issues requiring replacement of parts.

Comfortable Running Experience – Cushioning is the most important factor when choosing which treadmill to buy. All Sketra treadmill models come with an effective cushioning system that reduces impact pressure while running or walking on the treadmill.

Delivery time for Delhi

Sketra Products are shipped from Chennai Tamil Nadu & it takes 3-5 Days to Deliver in Delhi Region

Why Treadmill is Required?

Air Quality Concerns Delhi is notorious for its air pollution, which can have adverse effects on respiratory health. Outdoor activities like running or jogging may not always be a viable option due to high levels of pollutants. Having a treadmill at home allows you to exercise in a controlled environment, minimizing exposure to outdoor pollutants and ensuring that you can still achieve your fitness goals without compromising your health.

Weather Variability Delhi experiences extreme weather conditions, with scorching summers and chilly winters. These weather fluctuations can deter even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts from venturing outdoors. A treadmill provides a consistent and comfortable indoor environment, allowing you to exercise regardless of the weather outside. This ensures that you can stick to your fitness routine throughout the year.

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