Best reviewed treadmills in India 2021

treadmill reviews india
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Best Reviewed Treadmills in India 2021

Cardio is of the most important exercise forms. It not only helps keeping a healthy heart but also provides endurance and an athletic body.

For busy people who don’t have time to visit gyms or parks to run, treadmill can be a great option to begin their fitness journey.

The world went through an unprecedented health care challenge in 2021, which only highlighted the sad state of health of general population of India.

Cardio is the best exercise form. Not only it is one of the best physical activity one can do, it is also a great stress reliever.

The best treadmills help in weight loss, strengthening your heart, treadmill being the best cardio machine can help in reducing the risk of several diseases like heart attack and strokes.

Sketra treadmills are carefully designed to provide the best experience of cardio in a safe manner with its specially designed dampeners which reduce the risk of joint damage.

Best treadmills are those which don’t harm your joint. Running on hard surface can damage your leg joints. Sketra has designed the treadmills ensuring that your joints are safe while you improve your overall health.

It naturally boosts your energy. Best treadmills ensure that you run in a controlled manner. Running is an excellent exercise for naturally boosting your energy.

Never let rain or bad weather interfere with your exercise regime. Treadmills from Sketra are easily portable and hence ideal for home use.

Lets look at some of the best reviewed treadmills in India in 2021. 


Sketra Excite Run Treadmill

Sketra is a well known brand in the fitness industry today. They provide one of the best collection of treadmill in India today.

Sketra Excite Run Treadmill is one of their best product. It is easily the best treadmill in India in this range for the year 2021.

The large screen helps you track all the vital data of your cardio easy.

The sturdy construction combined with style and large screen makes it the best in class treadmill of India.

Sketra has great number of experience in designing and manufacturing of the best in class treadmill in India.


Its best features are :

Light-commercial Silent Powerful Brushless Motor: With 4.25 HP drives system and self cooling technology, Excite Run Treadmill provides steady and prolonged speeds of 1 – 14.8 km/h without noise. It’s suitable for users of all fitness levels in the family.

Flex Select Cushioning : Excite run cushioning allows you to engage dampeners to soften the impact on your joints

Incline upto 15% : With a variable incline from 0 to 15%, you’ll always get the intensity you need to reach your goals.

Quick Speed Buttons & Sensitive Pulse Sensors : Start or Stop, you can conveniently adjust the speed you want with the built-in handrail controls. Grip the handrail pulse sensors to sensitively track your heart rate during your workout ,it’s quiet helpful for monitoring your heart rate and allows you to continue your safety training!

Comfortable & Protective Running Belt : Large area of running surface 52″ x 19″ with the multi-layer running belt and 20mm spring back absorption that can absorbs vibration and for a better running experience while helping to protect your knees and prevent injuries. As can been seen in the image it looks stylish and is quite functional in nature.

Combined with best in class features and style it is an ideal choice for any user.


Sketra Smart Run Treadmill

Next ideal for best treadmill to buy in India in 2021 will be Sketra Smart Run Treadmill This heavy-duty build stylish treadmill is one of the best seller treadmill of India from last year. It has powerful motor, and is the most portable treadmill. Its loaded with features and budget friendly. The treadmill is designed in a manner which protects joints from any kind of injury. The running surface is sturdy and lasts long. It also big enough to run and brisk walk with ease.

Smart Run Review

Its best features are :

Treadmill Cum Workstation: Attend meetings or listen to your favorite podcast or watch your favorite movie while doing your workout.

Easy To Move: Stylish Foldable Design And Built-In Transport Wheels Make It Easy To Move And Store

Wide Running Deck featuring 19 Inch Wide x 51 Inch Length: Best in the class running deck, optimal width for smooth running.

Cushioned Running Deck: Running which doesn’t hurt your knees. Experience premium running of Sketra Treadmill.

No installation required: Open and Use. Zero installation.

The Best Comfortable Running System : Equipped with 25mm Spring back & 7 Tier Soft Cushioned Deck

Not only that these treadmills are quite easy to set and are portable. Look for yourself. They are easy to set up and move around.

This is best workstation enabled treadmill for busy people. It will help you multitask and be the winner that you want to be.


Sketra Home Run Treadmill

This pocket friendly budget treadmill will surely win your heart. Packed with features of premium treadmill this treadmill will fit well in any budget. This treadmill is best in its class. Not only its stylish but quite sturdy. This is the most portable treadmill of India. Nothing is more important for a home user. Since, it is easily foldable storage is not a problem. It is one of the best selling treadmill in big cities where there is space crunch. It is best for home use and brisk walking at home at night.

Home use cardio features

Sketra Neo Run Treadmill

This premium commercial Treadmill is for people who value their health. This treadmill will take your cardio to the next level. It is the best bang for buck treadmill in the market today. It not only is the best in class quality but also looking treadmill in the Indian market. It has best adaptive running surface which is best for people who love sprinting.

The silent motor is best for people who don’t like too much sound from the their treadmills. The smooth running surface makes running a breeze.

Combine that with performance monitoring which displays the accurate speed and calories burnt.

neo run benefits

Its best features are :

Adaptive Running Surface : The innovative running surface adapts to the way you run and absorbs impact efficiently, shielding your joints at lower speeds and offering more elastic response during sprints.

Enhanced Training Performance : The silent motor is ideal for any type of training, from easy-paced walking to high intensity marathon training (peak power: 7 HP). The inclination can even reach grades of up to 15% in order to simulate hill training.

Smooth & Wide Running Surface : The large running surface of 61 x 21 Inch is provided with most effective cushioning system

Performance Monitoring : The on-board console shows all the data you need to monitor your performance, regardless of body position. It displays resistance level, speed, calories and distance and can also show heart rate through Bluetooth connected devices.

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This is the best treadmill in India to buy in 2021.

Here, we reviewed some of the treadmills to buy in India in 2021. All the treadmills are best in class.

All the treadmills are sturdy and portable.

The motor are strong yet noiseless.

It is time to take your cardio and health to next level.

So, what are you waiting for begin the journey of fitness today.

Easy to Fold , Easy to Move

Thanks to Easy Lift Hydraulic Folding Mechanism & Front – Rear mounted wheels now it becomes very easy to fold & move Pro Run Treadmill.

sketra top Indian treadmill company

Combined with best in class customer service these treadmills are a must buy.

Visit Sketra Store to buy these.

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